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If you suffer from sensitive and/or spot prone skin then you are reading the right blog.

When I was around 12 years old I was obsessed with the quality of my skin, if a spot came about then I would be distraught and try everything under the sun to get it gone ASAP!

I tried so many things to get clear skin (when my skin wasn't even that bad in the first place - delusional much!)

I ordered the Proactiv kit, I tried the Simple skincare range, I went and got the Clean&Clear products (TOTAL waste of time). I just rinsed the Superdrug shelves and spent WAY too much unnecessary money and time trying all these different products.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand everyone's skin is different and these products may be a god send to certain people. All i'm saying is if you are at your wits end after trying so many different brands, that you are about to go insane - then give my skincare routine a try.

I would cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning before I put my makeup on and then exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise in the evening to take my makeup off, like they would tell you too. Then i thought, exfoliating this much just cannot be good for you, so I cut that down to once a week - no difference. My skin was flaky, spotty and tight, no matter how much moisturiser I used.

In the end I think I basically stripped my poor baby face of all its natural oils and goodness, and it's still haunting me to this day. I have to be careful of the shower gels, shampoos and conditioners I use. Tresemme and Pantene are okay but Elvive and Garnier are a no go:( and I have found one moisturiser which I swear by and will not budge to any others. Don't ask me why - I have found out through trial and error!

So I was thinking about it logically, my skin is clearly sensitive to pretty much every chemical lol so let's try and use the most natural ingredients as possible. Then I thought water. A flannel and warm water does a pretty good job of getting all of my makeup off but there is always the panda eyes and the bit of excess that just wont budge. So I use a baby wipe, (facial wipes still make me spotty) and I will only use Tesco Fred and Flo Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, (so cheap too at 54p) but I also rinse those off under warm water to wash away most of the chemicals that they put on those too. That then gets rid of the last bits of unwanted makeup.

I don't cleanse, exfoliate, tone or any of that bull**** I just wipe it off and then moisturise really well. Nivea, Simple and Loreal, I have been there, done that, got the T-shirt, they gave me spots (shock). I literally stumbled across this moisturiser which is basically made of grass lol, no, it's made of all natural ingredients, contains no alcohol, no parabens or paraffins and is all completely organic. I have been using it since 2014 and god forbid if the day ever comes that they discontinue it (and no, i'm not getting paid to say any of this)

They have a whole range for blemish prone skin which I have tried (but that's a whole other blog post). It is called Alva Aktiv Creme, pretty sure its from Germany. It is slightly pricy at £13.50 but when you are just using that, a flannel and wetwipes that cost 54p. You can't really be complaining!

A little shout out to my Mom as well who has recently, all of a sudden been plagued with Dermatitis on her face (not quite sure why) but it's very sore and painful, to the point where she would freeze a flannel and lay with it on her face for some relief! I urged her to try this cream as we were running out of ideas and now it' been about three weeks and she's in love with it, it works a treat and she has just asked me to order her three more lots of it:)

Who knew you could write so much about one bottle of cream! Thank you for reading and if this blog post helps just one person with their troublesome skin then my work here is done!

Love Lenora Xx

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