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I am so excited to share with you my staple Rose Gold look, all of my friends know that this is my go-to and all time favourite. This look is perfect for Valentine's Day or a romantic date night to show off your sexy, feminine side - and who doesn't LOVE rose gold?

So I started off with my brows first, (i don't usually do this - and i have to say, i won't be doing it this way again), it's too much of a faff trying not to accidentally go over them when you put the rest of your face on afterwards - anyone else with me?! I went in with my Benefit 'Brow Zing's' in shade No. 3 and lined my brows with the gel, using the brush in the set, and applying less pressure nearer the front of them so i achieved a slightly graduated look. I then used the same brush to set them with the powder. I am also on the hunt for a new brow product so help a girl out and drop any suggestions you have in the comment section down below:)

Next, I lined underneath my brows with my LA Concealer to give them a crisp edge, however i did end up redoing this at least another four times before the look was completely finished (that's why i usually do my brows/eyes last!) I also put LA Concealer over my lid which I use instead of primer, it holds the shadow on a LOT better. The palette I used here is Huda Beauty's Rose Gold Edition, a very popular palette with amazing pigment. You can really pack the shadow onto the lid (shade 'Maneater') to get the bold base colour that this look needs, I used my Urban decay brush that came in the 'Naked' palette to do this and then blended it out with my 'Morphe G24' brush using the same shade but just lighter pressure.

Now for the glitter! I find it so much easier to apply this with my index finger rather than a brush, so I packed this on in shades 'Rose Gold and 'Fling' over the top and blended them out using my pinkie (this would also look poppin' with a cut-crease to make it stand out that little bit more) I added 'Angelic' to the corner with my 'NYX Pro 13' brush, lined my lower lash with the main shade 'Maneater' and put a couple of coats of Bourjois Eye Catching Mascara on.

Whilst my mascara dried I then applied Loreal True Match Foundation in the shade '2N Vanilla' with my beauty blending sponge and set it with Ben Nye Powder (shade Cameo) which, by the way is hands down the best powder I have ever used! I can literally see blemishes disappear when putting it on and it leaves a flawless finish.

My contour is the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder palette and I went in with a mix of the two shades on the left and middle bottom, putting them right under my cheek bone and blending downwards, I suck in my cheeks so my face kinda guides me as to where I need to be putting the contour powder. My Real Techniques Contour Brush works wonders because it is angled so really does all the work for you, I alternate between dabbing to get the colour on and then small circular motions to achieve that flawless blend.

Now as you know, I love to glow! So I pack my highlighter on with my fingers first, using the Anastiasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in the shade 'Sunburst' going right up to my temples and blending downwards, stopping just at the corner of my eye. I then like to go in with my Bobbi Brown 'Bronze Glow' palette on the apples of my cheeks for that hint of blush colour. As if that's not enough highlighter already I take my 'Morphe M495' fan brush and dip it in the two shades, not getting rid of any excess because- that excess belongs on my face:) and then blend it, admire my glow in the mirror a little, then sweep a little on my forehead and tip of my nose.

For the last finishing touches I line my waterline with a brown eyeliner as it is way softer than a black one. Curl my natural lashes, (I don't do eyelashes, I ended up pulling them off in five minutes, but stay with me - your girl is working on it!) and then put my Lenora Beauty lipstick on in Bunny Brown and gloss it up with my Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss in 'Bare Enough'

There you have it, my go-to rose gold look. I hope you enjoyed this type of post and i haven't waffled on too much! Let me know what you think below.

Love Lenora Xx

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