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I started jotting down my list of what I would consider my makeup 'must haves' and I ended up with a list that included pretty much everything in my makeup bag (oops!) So I have managed to narrow it down to just these five...


Primer is essential for starting the day off right, it keeps my makeup on all day whatever the weather and gives a much more even coverage of foundation than if I were to not use it. My favourite primer is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, it leaves my complexion oil-free and with a lovely matte finish that lasts all day. I do, however, have a cheaper 'dupe' that I use on more of a daily basis as Smashbox's primer definitely falls on the more expensive end of the spectrum at £26. (Don't fear, I do plan on giving you the low down of all my drugstore dupes in an upcoming blog post!)



The next makeup 'must have' is mascara and it's one that I think would be on everybody's list.The Miss Sporty 'Lash Millionaire' is my all time favourite but I'm not sure they even do it anymore :( So i'm coming in with a close

second, the Bourjois Paris 'Eye Catching'. Currently my mascara collection expands to an impressive 10 mascaras, but they're mostly not used because I just can't give my favourite one up! The brush isn't too thick, so you don't end up with clogged lashes which resemble more spiders legs than eye lashes and it has a slight curve on it too which lengthens them amazingly so you end up with fuller and longer lashes...what more do you want?


Third on the list is my LA Girl concealer, it is safe to say I am a creature of habit and have been using this concealer for four years now, at least. The best part about this concealer is the thick consistency of it which provides amazing coverage and even better, has an easy to apply tube so you don't need to faff about with brushes! No spot, blemish, red patch or uneven bit of skin stands a chance with this stuff and the peach corrector is perfect for my dark circles under my eyes, which in turn creates a lovely base for my foundation to follow.


If I was writing these in order of my favourite then I think this one would be the clear champ. I love to glow. I mean, who doesn't?! The best thing about highlighter is how versatile it is, I like to use a cream highlighter when i'm not doing a full face of makeup to give a natural effortless glow, and then I mix together two highlighters which I put over my foundation. I start with the Anastasia Beverley Hills 'Glow Kit' palette (£41) in the shade 'sunburst' and put them right up to my temples and then go in with my Bobbi Brown 'Bronze Glow' on the apples of my cheeks and blend it back because it is a lovely rose gold colour so it acts as a subtle blusher too. I know what you're thinking, best of both worlds! However you do pay the price for it as it retails at a hefty £36.


My last essential today are my eyelash curlers, I can't remember exactly where I got them but Superdrug rings a bell, I love lash curlers because for me, I have short, 'piggy' eyelashes so even if I opt to just put a bit of mascara on and give them a curl, it completely changes the look of my face. It makes me look more feminine and more awake within seconds!

It was tricky to pick only 5 must haves but I guess it gives me an excuse to blog about more makeup in the future! I would love to know what your make up essentials are? Like and comment below...

Thanks for reading:)

Love Lenora Xx

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